LEAKLAB offers in conjunction with complementary functions in your system as well as additional signals for monitoring and/or controlling the equipment that is found in the station such as generators, motors, pumps, lighting systems, alarms, access doors and much more. Besides this, it is also possible to send commands to the monitoring and control terminals, for example, to activate or de-activate valves, different circuits or security equipments.

These values are regularly transmitted to be stored, registed, notify dangerous values at opportune moments. All of this information is obtained by complementary functions which can be transmited to the SCADA system as well as native data of the LEAKLAB system; in the same way, this information can be visualised in the LEAKLAB systems in all versions.

The complementary functions are developed to meet the needs of the client using the latest technology. If you wish to have access to this station for signals that do not rely on the LEAKLAB system, these complementary functions can be acquired in the same autonomous way.

LEAKLAB offers time saving, money saving, effort with the applications which can facilitate the operational stations.

Actuator Control

Automatic control of sectioned valves in pipeline, as well as, monitoring of the same valve.

Savings and Autonomous

The LEAKLAB equipment can be connected to electrical energy or in same way solar panel and a block of low cost batteries .

Monitoring of multiple Sensors or Equipments

Allowing you to have a clear vision of what is happening in the field with the equipment and have better administration of your operations.


The LEAKLAB system has a channel of trustworthy and secure communication at a low cost in which you can use GSM, Satellite, Radio, etc.

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