Who Are We

LEAKLAB is a dedicated enterprise which creates hardware and software solutions for problematics Petroleum industries, Gas, Water and Electricity specifically in pipelines and cables detecting and locating Leaks or Faults; using latest technology; always looking for solutions for the most convenient and efficient products which are easily accessible.

In LEAKLAB we know that when technology is about,the opportune and efficient service is fundamental reaching satisfaction our clients. Each application that we offer our clients, our primary focus is in satisfying your principal needs in the industries.


Our main function is to offer monitoring, detection and location services for loss of mechanical integrity in pipeline or faults in Electric power transmision the most acurate way possible, using the best possible technology available, accompanied by personalised attention. Proposing engineering, consultation, and maintenance to the industries of Petroleum, Gas, Water and Electric; detecting problematic needs and difficulties that the industries face, in order to look for solutions in agreement with the infrastructure, helping to develop and operate the same, incorporating technology to improve productivity and save substantially in the process.


Consolidate as a enterprise that gives proportionally the best solution in Monitoring, Detection and Location of loss of mechanical integrity in pipelines and faults in electrical power transmission. Besides given trustworthy solutions, flexibility for sophisticated technology in monitoring and remote control which is available for all budgets.

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