The use of new technology has generated a huge impact in the detection of leaks, so to as the identification for loss of product caused by thefts; the impact being important savings.


The distribution networks of hydrocarbons has increased the demand to supervise and automatically monitor for the detection of thefts and leaks at the same time.

The most frequent incidents which occur when leaks are located in pipelines are:

  • Property damage.
  • Damage to the environment.
  • Bad reputation.
  • Financial loss.

The main objective of new technology for the detection of leaks and/or illicit acts is the relationship of cost/benefit and at the same time minimising damage to the environment. Sadly, the hydrocarbons are converted into valuable commercial products. At that point the ecological problem passes to a lesser importance. For that reason the hydrocarbons have a huge potential for damaging the environment and so the consumption demands to be rationalised and if necessary apply our knowledge and ethics to avoid irreversible damage to the environment.

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With the passing of the time, the immense network of pipelines will start to present problems generating leaks and flooding, so to, an increase in the instability of the hydrocarbons. It is for those reasons a method has been developed to determine the exact location of the leak and, to rule out any doubt of illicit behaviour, so that the pipeline can be located as quickly and efficiently as possible at a low cost where the damage can be localised which, in turn contributes to the integrity of the existing network.

LEAKLAB has the capacity to detect the slightest variation in the pipeline. When a leak is detected it generates a wave which spans out in both directions to the length of the pipeline. By using high pressure sensors which send encrypted information which is immediately analysed using statistical methods, which is extremely reliable. The use of Algorithms and encrypted data ensures that LEAKLAB is a reliable and trustworthy system in which you can obtain the following:

  • Equipment using the latest technology.
  • Working under critical conditions.
  • Low cost installation and maintenance.

The system has the facility to lend itself to any type of equipment. It has an ample data base capable of storing unlimited information.

Once a leak has been detected a binary number is generated in an encrypted form which is sent to the control room to be analysed, with this data containing fundamental information for the client, such as the (specific time) of the leak, geographic location, kilometers, unusual pressure amongst others. These days the (geographic references) are the most efficient ways to pin point a location.

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An electric transmission line is basically the centre in which the transmission and distribution of electric energy takes place. Electricity companies all over the world suffer in one way or other for the loss of electricity.

Part of the losses are due to illicit acts such as clandestine activities and altering the function of the gage which contributes to the loss of energy.

To confront this problem, methods and procedures have been implemented to assist the new technology in the field to detect faults and illicit acts.


LEAKLAB offers a system that is made up of two high sensitivity switches which are inserted in the entrance and exit of each segment, if integrity is lost between these two points an imbalance will occur with the electric current. In this way we can calculate the difference of time between waves in order to localise the fault.

Owing to the high sensitivity of these sensors it is possible to identify small variations. One of the principal characteristics is that LEAKLAB runs a processor 40,000 times faster than a PLC and has the capacity to process all types of equations and mathematical transformations in a short time.

  • Equipment using the latest technology.
  • Working under critical conditions.
  • Low cost installation and maintenance.

This equipment is capable of locating and detecting loss of energy in the towers and at the same time integrate new signals for monitoring and/or controlling an infinite number of sensors located in the station.

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