• Detection and Location
    of Leaks that favour different
    types of industries.
    LeakLab offers a wide selection of products for the industries, as well as petroleum, electricity and water.
  • Simple - Autonomus - Powerful
    LEAKLAB count on easy installation system, simple monitoring
    and extremely efficient in locating loses of mecanical integrity.
  • Generate savings in loss of products
    and property damage
    Locate emergency faults, minimize produtcs loss and production costs.
  • Multiple detection Methods
    and Leak Location.
    Systems made to mesure and clients needs.

We protect their infrastructure and products for you

We detect, locate, inform leaks. We are LeakLab

Our soluctions besides using the lastest in software and hardware technology, we are committed to giving the best support.
We are building our services conducive to your requirements.


Detection and Location of Leaks

At the risk of fatalities, serious environmental damage and cleanup costs, it is important that pipeline operators have a leak detection system in which they can trust.


Remote Monitor and Control for insdustries

The set of complementary tools LEAKLAB is designed to support the functionality of software for leak detection and theft, Monitoring and Control.


Other Services

LEAKLAB offers services where skilled engineers are on hand to help with technical problems.

LeakLab's Benifts

Map Use

Proportion geographical co-ordinates to locate the best possible location, also to calculate references points (kilometers).


The LeakLab System is compatible with SCADA system or notify by distincts mediums such as e-mail, sms, web, etc.

Additional monitoring

You can integrate new monitoring and/or control signals of an infinite amount of station sensors

Continual Protection

The System counts on servers that guarantee availablity.

Customized Reports

Daily informative reports as well as reports designed to your specification.

Support 24/7

We count on monitoring and an attention center that verifies the equipment functions 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

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